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CelebrateAtlanta recently organized a baby shower for me and it was simply amazing. I told her I did not want to do anything but walk into a spectacular event and that is exactly what happened. Incredible. I could not be happier! CelebrateAtlanta team are lovely, organized, elegant, inventive, talented and sweet. Everyone at the event - from the guests were impressed with the detail and the care given to the event.
CelebrateAtlanta her team are fantastic! Decor suggestions were so creative and unique. Her attention to detail is exceptional. She was especially sensitive to our budget. Being a nonprofit, fund raising event, we have to watch every penny, and she kept us under budget and the evening was a huge success. She provided day-of assistance and took a huge load off of our committee.
Corporate event
I really can't express how much CelebrateAtlanta team did to make our wedding as amazing as it was! It was definitely the best decision we made to work with her team. They did such a great job that I wish I could do it again for another event!
Hasan and Aliya
Wedding Engamemt Event
I am still basking in the glow of my baby’s first birthday party because of CelebrateAtlanta efforts. Indeed, my confidence was well-placed. The Birthday event could not have been more perfect. Everything that we had planned and described to CelebrateAtlanta team was executed perfectly, with extra touches from her incredible, creative brain. She took everything well planned and bumped it up to the next level.
Birthday Event
CelebrateAtlanta captured the theme of Proposal Day and the intent and developed a party which was a good balance between what I wanted and what was pleasing to have. I am actually considering having her do more future events because she is simply the best and very affordable.
Qais and Gazina
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